Sunday, September 09, 2012

...oh what a mess, we still have to care about our voters...

Javier Solana: "Europe was not prepared for this crisis born of politics, the economy develops and no solution nothing but politics"

...Solana was referring to the situation of crisis in Europe, which today will be addressed in some way in the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Spain.

A visit that has been commented on COPE byJosé Antonio Segurado, Esther Palomera, José Antich and Antonio Perez Henares ..In the BE, former EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Javier Solana, said that "Right now we have a crisis and a deep economic crisis also European. Europe was not prepared for this crisis born of politics, the economy develops and no solution nothing but politics. " Solana also referred to Angela Merkel's visit to Spain: "The big mistake he has made Germany was not doing enough pedagogy leaders with citizens. The coalition (in Germany) is not strong, between the Christian Democrats and the Liberals.Liberals are losing weight since the day they arrived. And found in the Greek situation one time wanted to recover some vitality demagogic politics in Germany.And that played the trick Greek bad move: the Greeks have lied, it's true, but played demagogically. And that Merkel gave a fist on the table and said, done with it, we can do demagoguery and is a mistake that we are making. And in those years, Germany had eight elections. All this greatly complicates the ability to act.Playing politics is leadership and vision.Solana said that "at all times of crisis and difficulty, especially economically countries we thought we were not going to have more of these unemployment rates, etc. - the history of Europe has been unfortunate from that point of view. Nationalisms and crises come in is the first step toward serious tensions. The First World War is nothing more than that. " "LINK


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