Thursday, September 27, 2012

specialist in cosmology somewhere?

September 27, 2012 - In a recent column (on September 16, 2012 ), about the new sequence paroxysmal crisique chain in the Middle East (what we call " third wave "), about the film Innocence of Muslims , Justin Raimondo addresses an original problem. This is the kind of problem had known a European delegation led by Javier Solana during a meeting with an Iranian delegation on the Iranian nuclear issue, when the Iranians began the meeting by saying "We'll talk about cosmology. " For these religious spirits, or practitioners of spirituality, the thing was of extreme importance, of course, on the European side we gaped and, anyway, of course, unable to say a word to consider this subject (Solana worrying all the same whether the EU bureaucracy could not dig up a "specialist in cosmology"). We passed on. However, the topic was interesting ...LINK

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Thank you for continuing to watch.
One year left in the ENP.
It takes patience and perseverance.
God Bless