Friday, October 12, 2012

EU on its way to a Military Union

"Olaf Standke 13.10.2012 / abroad

On the way to Union military

Brussels is working on the development of a European military-industrial complex

The European Union as a peace? Not only the peace movement in this country has as its doubts. With this year's election was the Nobel Committee topped the wrong decision for U.S. President Barack Obama probably still said Peter Strutynski, spokesman for the Federal Committee Friedensratschlag, on Friday compared with "nd". "The EU is not a peace project to the outside."
Strutynski refers to the "murderous refugee defense policy" of the European Union, its fueling conflict over trade policy towards developing countries, the "economic war" Brussels against Iran and Syria, which could ultimately lead to a "hot war". With the Lisbon Treaty, "the EU" into a military union, says the peace activist.
Ever since the turn of the millennium, the Common European Security and Defence Policy with developing "the speed of light," as the former NATO Secretary General and later EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana put it. As an official birth of this process critics of the EU summit in 1999 is in Cologne. It was decided to establish an EU intervention force for global military deployments.
Current EU policy is decisively shaped by more than two dozen missions and missions. More than 70 000 soldiers were stationed there. Since this summer, the Union is represented, for example, virtually every country in the African Sahel. The anti-piracy in the region has been extended to the country. The war in Libya, initiated mainly through close military cooperation between the EU members France and Britain is in Brussels now as an example for future action. With the potential of NATO, the members of numerous EU member states at the same time, to be used more effectively than before. "From the outset, the NATO and the European Union have shared common values ​​and helped the new Europe" shape, as yesterday, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen put it.
Four years ago, the European Council, as soon as possible to build up military capabilities that are planned to allow even up to 19 concurrent operations, including two intensive combat operations and two so-called stabilization missions, among crew operations in Afghanistan are to be understood.
On 1 December 2009 came into force in the EU Treaty of Lisbon provides for the legal framework. There, the European Defence Agency (EDA) is enshrined in primary legislation, the only one of several EU agencies. Installed in 2004, it will assist in "research in the field of defense technology" and help "to strengthen the industrial and technological base of the defense sector." It is what was its original name: an armaments agency. Her it is all about the creation of a European military-industrial complex.
Despite massive economic and financial crisis, the military spending of the EU have declined only slightly, from $ 289 billion in 2008 to $ 281 billion last year. They are still more than ten percent of the millennium. Are being hidden in the European Union, more and more armor items behind other budgets.
By comparison, in development aid in 2010 flowed only 54 billion euros. Most EU Member States are miles away from the fulfillment of their international obligations. By contrast, European armories, especially German arms companies, in recent years, makes money on the militarization of the EU a fortune. Between 2003 and 2009 their profits rose, according to a study from the previous year by 49 percent to a total of 93 billion euros."



Anonymous said...

One year and two months left to watch Javier.
Keep up the good work. If at that point he has not been reconfirmed in power it would probably be best to move on. Until then it remains wise to keep on watching. Thank you.

Constance Cumbey said...


I've been awfully busy in court lately, but I'm very glad you continue to keep such a vigilant eye on the European Union and related developments, including but not limited to "the good doctor"!!