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Atlantis - beast out of the sea? or Prospero's books?

2012 nov 12: blatantly depicting 2 horns out of the sea "Fierce femcee Azealia Banks keeps her buzz a’buzzing with the video for ‘Atlantis’– the latest track on her ‘Fantasea’ mixtape to be awarded the visual treatment". But the original beast out of the sea has 10 horns/ beast from the earth (looks like a lamb speaks like a dragon): 2 horns...
aah,in her video at min 0:22: we have her 5x with 2 horns = ten horns:

and from min 1:42 on she is shown wearing and surrounded by lot of EUROS:

10 days later we have:

2012nov22: Catalan publishers reward Javier Solana 

Atlantis prize

The former Minister of Culture will be honored 

Atlantida in the Nit de l'Edició

NEWSPAPER / Barcelona
"The Editors Guild of Catalunya d What will distinguish Javier Solana with the "Atlantis" prize , 
the prize that the entity awarded each year to a personality who has distinguished by the promotion
of reading and the world of books and for his commitment to defend the culture and defend of 
intellectual property.
zoom lensJavier Solana, in an act of the PSOE in 2011.
Javier Solana, in an act of the PSOE in 2011. DAVID CASTRO
The former Minister of Culture Spanish, 
former Secretary General of NATO and 
head of EU foreign policy will receive the 
award as part of the 27th Nit de l'Edició , 
the traditional meal that meets annually to 
the entire sector but this year will replaced 
by a ceremony at the Salo de Cent of the 
Barcelona City Council"  (2012 dec 5).

shaft opening ceremony in London: 2012 june 05.
night of the books in Barcelona: 2012 dec. 05.
"The Opening: Babylon
The Olympic ceremony opened with an orchestra playing Nimrod by Enigma Variations. King Nimrod was the world’s first dictator and as builder of the Tower of Babel he was considered to be the “First and most excellent Master” of the Freemason fraternity. The original “World Order” can be traced back to Babylon where, King Nimrod was rebellious and resentful of God (YHWH), he had a vision of heading a single global government to control the economic, political and religious issues throughout the world. In order to prevent Nimrod implementing a New World Order, YHWH confused the languages causing the citizens to spread out and inhabit new lands, mystery Babylon became fragmented and the concept of a New World Order died.
The Maypole dance was showcased within the first minutes of the ceremony, a traditional folkdance popular in Western Europe. Like so many adopted western traditions, the Maypole dance is ancient pagan worship. This “Fertility Rite” involves the Maypole which represents the male principle (the phallus). The ribbons represent the female principle and the wreath at the top represents the virgina of the goddess. Some researchers believe the Maypole dance can be traced as far back as ancient Babylon.
After the Olympic bell was rung, a song named Jerusalem was sung by a young boy before he was joined by a children’s choir.
“And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England’s mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God on England’s pleasant pastures seen? And did the countenance divine shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here among these dark Satanic Mills”
The children’s choir continued to sing as men with mutton-chops wearing traditional top hats and black suits gathered around a British meadow. A tree that was raised on a hill before Kenneth Branagh (dressed as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a famous British engineer) read from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

 For Shakespeare expert James Shapiro (an English professor at Columbia University), it was a strange choice. “Why you would choose Caliban’s lines as — in a sense — a kind of anthem for the Olympics, I’m not sure. Why give him the lines Shakespeare wrote for a half-man, half-beast
Magic, through Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, is a theme of the 2012 Olympic Games.  A giant figure holding a wand (thought to be Prospero from The Tempest) and a cauldron feature in stadium preparations for the opening ceremony.
The Tempest is thought by most scholars to have been written in 1610–11, and is generally accepted as the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone.  Scholars have noted the numerous parallels between Shakespeare’s final work and famous occultist Francis Bacon’s final book New Atlantis. (farmer: Javier Solana's mother Nieves Hayat de Madariaga Archibald, Mrs. Mathews (1917-2003) was an Oxford Professor an expert on Francis Bacon)
In The Tempest travelers arrive at an island ruled by Prospero, the Magus who has mastery over all nature, and Prospero’s farewell to his art in the play is the Bard’s farewell to his work. 
In New Atlantis the travelers arrive at an island ruled by a Society called Salomon’s House (Solomon’s House) which has achieved mastery over all nature.  New Atlantis depicts Bacon’s vision of man’s mastery over nature, and this work is a summing up and a farewell to Bacon’s lifework. 
Both works depict travelers who arrive at an island filled with wonders. In the first case the wonders of science, in the second case the wonders of magic, both of which give mastery over all nature. Bacon, it is important to note, said that science in its higher form is magic. The surface parallels between New Atlantis and The Tempest are obvious. But beneath the surface there are more parallels, and more specific identities between the two works. So many, in fact, that they provide strong evidence for Bacon’s authorship of The Tempest.
As both The Tempest and New Atlantis depict societies ruled over by an elite made gods by virtue of their secret knowledge both works serve to define the occult philosophy of the Rosecrucians, Freemasons and the Illuminati.  Bacon’s alleged connection to the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons has been widely discussed by authors and scholars in many books and a very good case can be made for him as the author of all Shakespeare’s plays."
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