Sunday, November 25, 2012

painting the good doctor

Painter Hernán Cortés Moreno's answer on painting Spanish politicians:
"Who wore it easier as portrayed and who less? - 
In the case of these commemorative works no major difficulties of this kind. 
There was a lot of documentation and overall harmony sought. 
But do not forget that just as in other cases, when I put a picture of me in a gallery 
with other artists, I look the difference to appreciate my style, in this, my opponent was myself. 
After what I've been looking for is a unity, a whole portrait. The play is set, no individuality. 
At other times, I did have models that have been difficult to portray, for example, 
Javier Solana. Although he understood the language of painting well, he was very impatient 
and nervous posingHis portrait is now hanging in the Foreign Ministry."

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