Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"PEDRO Villalar is not surprised that the former High Representative of the Council for Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, is more prevalent today in the Middle East diplomatic stage than his successor, Baroness Catherine Ashton, the most obvious prototype Brussels bureaucrat undoubtedly very gifted but perfectly useless to exercise any initiative that requires leadership and determination. 
Van Rompuy, the other gray Eurocrat governing our locations with the bombastic president of the Union "nothing less" is the paradigm governing the inanity federalising destinations, but at least this Belgian "no other country could be more asexual and calm" appears in peer meetings and says the banalities of rigor. But Ashton has disappeared, simply. If we apply information seekers, it appears that she is not dead, it participates in some protocol irrelevant but the media and do not deal with it. There is simply no longer circulates in the collective imagination of the European Union. 
Such evidence discrediting end of Europe to the idea of civil society in our country, which, in addition to such membership blamed the sacrifices imposed on us, observes how the heads of state and government to the EU institutions designated officials planes that are, yes, unable to project any shadow or take the initiative."
from: "Where's Catherine Ashton?"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping an eye out for JS.
Other sites have ceased to see to the core of events.
Fulfilled Prophecy and Unsealed Prophecy have become the homes of banality and repetition of useless
comments to encourage each other in their nearly childish prattle.

Anonymous said...

where is ashton...where else?...in the shadow of solana's grand and premier presence........(still waiting for his curtain call?)