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"And out of one of them came forth a little horn, 
which waxed exceeding great, toward the south
and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land."

 "Charles Onana: "The European Union censorship Rwanda's involvement in the Congolese crisis"5. December | By  
In an exclusive interview to JamboNews Friday, 30 November in Brussels, Charles Onana, investigative journalist Franco-Cameroonian, answered our questions about his new book dedicated to the DRC. He mentioned in particular the role of Rwanda in the Congo crisis and the silence of the European Union in light of all the tragic events observed in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the beginning of hostilities in 1996.
Making the point about the recent publication of his book "Europe, Censorship and Crimes in Congo," Charles told the Onana sleuths of Jambonews motivations that led him to write this book makes much attention since its output on the book market. By his own admission, his book from a simple observation that the EU speaks less of Rwanda's involvement in armed conflict that shook the Congo. Most recently, following reports of UN experts accusing Rwanda of supporting rebellions in the DRC, said Charles Onana have found that the discourse of the European Union spared much Kigali and spared a direct question about his role in the destabilization of the DRC.  "This is why I investigated the decision-making process within the European Union. Who influences whom and for what purpose? "  he has declared.
In the course of its investigations, Charles Onana told us he obtained several documents kept secret from European institutions, documents sometimes from the reports of the Special Envoys of the European Union in the Great Lakes region. Probably exhibits. In fact, these documents were not to be made ​​public. With these documents, I was able to reconstruct missing parts of the puzzle. In addition, the testimony of diplomats helped me " , said Charles Onana. It also revealed that the exchange took place in 2003 between President Joseph Kabila and Javier Solana, High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union.
According to Charles Onana, Joseph Kabila wrote to Javier Solana to develop an integrated policy to ensure the security of the electoral process in the DRC. Onana regrets that this initiative was hardly in the interests of the Congolese people. Also decrying the inaction and incompetence of Joseph Kabila, Charles Onana said that Congolese President is an offshoot of the AFDL and Rwanda.
"  The Rwanda Kagame became counsel for the recolonisation of Africa  "
Charles Onana has not had tender words to the regime of Paul Kagame. "Kagame leads an economic war in the Congo. Today, we demonstrate this assertion. Historically, people have underestimated the role of Rwanda as a subcontractor multinationals. Rwanda, Kagame became counsel recolonisation of Africa " , said Charles Onana.
Charles Onana argues that Rwanda agents and very active in lobbying EU institutions including the equally influential Louis Michel, founder of the group "Friends of Rwanda" in the European Parliament, to tell you the work done backstage.
Without going into depth on the concept of stability, Onana justifies the continued support of the European Union in Rwanda by the warranty it offers on the stability of their interests in this region. Why according to him, the EU continues to turn a blind eye on the situation in the Great Lakes region. Despite the violations of human rights in Rwanda, the European Union continues to provide support to the dictatorial regime. Having regard to the foregoing, the EU does not respect its own principles, said Charles Onana."
Interview by Mathy Mati and Charis Basoko

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