Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Solanas to Brussels

"Scotland, Wales, Flanders, Catalonia and the Basque Country are outstanding 
examples of claims of stateless nations advancing in function of the weakening of the nation state, still trapped by the old ideas of sovereignty and independence. "
writes Michael Keating on the nationalities question, in La Vanguardia Dossier, extraordinary and ever present issue on what will become of Europe?. adds, 
Keating, Scottish professor at the University of Edinburgh: 
"It is unlikely that proliferate new states in Europe, but aspirations of stateless nations
 in wanting to sit with their own voice in the decision table. " Excellent explanation to understand what is happening to us is these days. Felipe González, copilot in Brussels
 Jacques Delors, a few days ago announced the installation of the European peoples,
 rather than states, more in line with the union seeking to European citizens. 
curious paradoxes that exist between highly rated Spanish continental scale, much 
less at home. Javier Solana is another case : a former Minister of Foreign imperativethat managed to restore dialogue between Moscow and Washington and 
then the approximation of the two systems of collective defense between East and West. Zapatero has yet to explain why not vote wretched reason Solana's reelection as vice president Commission in Brussels with other European social partners, opposing his candidacy for mayor of Madrid. Afraid to make him so illustrious shadow partner?..."

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