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death in velvet

Petr Hajek (*  23 October 1951 , Prague ) is a Czech journalist and writer , former spokesman and secretray of 2. Czech President Vaclav Klaus and now deputy head of the Office of the President of the Republic in the area of communication and culture

"...The second attack came through Klaus’s support of a book by his longtime secretary Peter Hajek. Hajek this time focuses on examining the activities of the Anti-Christ among us, writing that Havel was “an active tool of the forces of lies and hatred,” and that “he succeeded in his mission.”
Klaus said that, in essence, he shares “the author's criticism of the historical role played by Vaclav Havel” and considers the book “almost compulsory reading for everyone.” Link

"BOOK: Death in velvet by Peter Hajek"

Second January 2013
Interesting book. Names things and events and - as we often feel, but without knowing the facts, we are not able to transfer our feelings to verbal plane. Petr Hajek writes about government media - about mediokracii, which is the mediator between the makers of world history and the ruled nationsIt tells of mediokracii in the service of the Antichrist. Petr Hájek is a religious man. The Antichrist is the opposite of God. It is a very particular kind of existing being, embodying evil, in this case all the world powers involved in world domination.

The steering media has several levels: global, international, continental, local. An important role here plays the Association Lipa - havlistická organization that organized the fall of the Klaus government in 1997. Not Pilip or Ruml, but Havel Lipa. From this association are recruited and the owners of the most important items of the Czech press. Zdenek Bakala own Economia, Economic newspaper Respekt. Respect Line, Economic news, Czech Television (Havlovská and bakalovská) - has a decisive influence on what he thinks the Czech public. Regional dailies are directly managed by the German publisher. Are under the direct control of the European Union.Where should we look for the origin of the dark forces on Earth? Petr Hajek called the Club of Rome, among other things associated with billionaire David Rockefeller. Originated in 1968 during the Prague Spring. Club went through every major leftist makers of world history. Al Gore, Javier Solana, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Romano Prodi, Tony Blair, Vaclav Havel and others. This NGO aims to create a New World Order. Prepares vision of saving the world with the fact that democracy is not enough to solve the fundamental problems of this world. Globalization supposedly excludes solving the world's problems through functional democracy.Democracy becomes an illusion.
Even in our horizon - strictly local - surely every one of us noticed many oddities that despite the fact that looking after their background, have remained shrouded in mystery.
Let's start with the Velvet Revolution in 1989. It was too creamy. It was really the result of clash of keys on Wenceslas Square? Petr Hajek assures us it is not. It was a long planned event leading to the convergence of two basic modern systems - communism and capitalism. It was therefore the oppressed fight for democracy, but part of a planned power transformations. The emergence of the European Union is beginning governance without democratic legitimacy. Written by EU already released so much nonsense and painful interventions in our economy that we never - through democratic mechanisms - nothing like it was suggested. Disposal Czech sugar, pointless energy policy, including its last hit-labeling, the existence of Natura 2000, which makes the post-communist countries involuntarily accept the principles of conservation of nature dictated by the European Union.
Continuing : 1.9.1992 died in unclear circumstances in a car accident Alexander Dubcek, who was to testify in a trial against some components of the secret police and KGB. The same process was also testify Jaroszevic Piotr, a Polish former prime minister. He was assassinated in the same year, and his killers were never caught. The last important witness to the same, Oldrich Cernik, died in 1994 - of course - again, a car crash
According to Petr Hajek was the basis of the irreversibility condition or clause of eternity - interference in the Czech Constitution, which ensure Wágnerová Judge Elizabeth Johns and Ivan. Author probably refers to Article 9, paragraph 2 of the Constitution: "The substantive requisites of the democratic rule of law is inadmissible.".Just about this formulation was leaning Constitutional Court in 2009, when, after the fall of the Topolanek government undemocratically abolished and a few months shifted parliamentary election. Subsequently stated that the Czech constitution in line in the Lisbon Treaty, which confirmed the "loss of Czech sovereignty."
Vaclav Klaus, the then Prime Minister, responsible for the new Constitution, apologizes Petr Hajek that the Constitution was finalized in haste and her last treatment was in charge of KDU-CSL deputy Cyril Svoboda. Crafty pair Ivana Janu and Elizabeth Wagner, the author identifies as the main "German clutch" Vaclav Havel. Vaclav Klaus has had no choice but to critically comment on statements of the Constitutional Court. He stated that "the Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state." From this moment the Constitutional Court acts as a Governor's Office of the European Union.
Now a new Czech Constitution allow ever increasing involvement of courts, police, wiretapping in bulk. The Constitutional Court is in this country at the top of the pyramid of power. Not democratically elected political parties and their representatives in parliament, but the Constitutional Court ensures the fulfillment of the rights or rather the requirements of the European Union. Constitutional Court and the media work in the service of "Antichrist". Everything else - political scandals, corruption, arrests - they are just humorous or less humorous sauce, which produce and regulate the media as required Bakalovské propaganda and the European Union.
Petr Hajek deals with the question of why the leader of convergence for communist and capitalist world chosen by Vaclav Havel and not, for example Polish Lech Walesa. The problem was said to be especially active Catholic Lech Walesa. The core political concept of Vaclav Havel, civil society as an instrument of progress. Civil society does not need democratic legitimacy (by choice). Political parties are unnecessary, respectively. directly harmful. The creation of the EU governance without democratic legitimacy has become a reality throughout the European continent.
Latest news our media mentions "two cases of swine flu" - read: people quickly get vaccinated because the pharmaceutical companies not sell as many vaccines as they would like. Senator complaint Okamura again lead to another breakthrough decision of the Constitutional Court. He will not be so examine the complaint of Mr. Okamura, but rather the suitability of candidates for the Castle. Zeman or Fischer is acceptable as a future president? We should learn from the decision of the Constitutional Court.Depending on whether the option lets run again defer or make other conclusions?
The Slovak case drags Róbert Bezák, former Archbishop of Trnava. He was probably also one of the uncontrolled and uncontrollable missiles, this time in the field of the Catholic Church, so it threatened the Vatican itself, which - as it seems - without scruples launders dirty money. Interesting is the attitude of the representatives of Czech churches. There is none. Personally and completely up to the person to his case Bezák expressed Tomas Halik and bishop Vaclav Maly. ( here )
Petr Hajek wrote a good book. Perhaps he can be criticized just too much color in make-up exaggerated stories and conspiracy even where they do not belong - so although the book is very readable, but also provides media weapon, which is obviously trying to make a fool and a madman Hajek. And it does not deserve. The book should be required to read almost every Bohemia. It is hard to find. The Kašperské Hor I had it up to Klatovy. That would Bakala et al. bought up copies?? I do not know, but anything is possible.
Another of my reservation is that Petr Hajek through the book provides hope that the current Fourth Reich, as he calls the interest of the European Union, it may turn out for our contribution otherwise. So - that this mighty empire - will not last long.
Adapted from with the consent of the author

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