Thursday, January 17, 2013

"former almost everything" now also: Mr. East

"Former almost everything Javier Solana (former Mr CFSP, former Secretary General of NATO, former minister, former aide ...) is emerging as an incredible asset of Mariano Rajoy's government to break new ground in the huge Chinese market .
He is an important asset in the acts of the right-wing government of Rajoy that prepares to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reestablishment of relations between Spain and China. 

So you can read, for example, in a diplomatic courier of Spain's ambassador in Beijing, Eugenio Bregolat , which was sent on 31 October to the Directorate General of North America, Asia Pacific and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Billed as the "subject",in this email, to which daily e-Xclusivo had access, are 8 pages in which Bregolat analyzes the main power groups that could serve Chinese lobby and provides a strategy to penetrate the market Asian giant. The paragraph in question in which Bregolat refers to Solana: "Over the last year [2012] I have held meetings with several think tanks, cited occasions of visit paths of D. Javier Solana, who traveled to Beijing to participate in a meeting of the Core Group of the Munich Security Conference , and to give a lecture at the World Peace Forum organized by Tsinghua University, in which the undersigned Ambassador moderated in one of the debates". It should be noted that Mr. Solana has been appointed to the International Council of Carnegie Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, and professor at Tsinghua University, where he will teach a few days a year . LINK

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