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Solana donates his kidney

"I donated a kidney to a loved one"

The Socialist former minister allowed the transplant because he thinks it his duty

Javier Solana (Madrid, 1942) has always been kept in shape and their 70s still playing sports, but now in moderation and under medical supervision. On last December 11  underwent an intervention in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona to donate a kidney "to a very dear". He didn't want to elaborate. Reserves the identity of the recipient. They were four hours in the operating room. All have passed medical examination both show that the transplant was a success.
In a gesture of thanks, the Spanish former minister has decided to explain their experience and participate in the first edition of the Transplant Run, a charity race to be held tomorrow in Barcelona with more than 2,200 enrolled, between patients and donors. The test is supported by the Catalan Society of Transplantation Josep Maria Campistrol presiding, the nephrologist who extracted the kidney.
"It was my duty to do," he explains.Before going under the knife was several months undergoing tests to assess the viability of the operation.After the summer had clear two things: "The donor would be me and when we were not going to spend all back to talk about between us," he adds that he was secretary general of NATO. Tomorrow will race together five miles off the beaches of Barcelona. "I hope to finish the race, even walking," he says.

"The donor would be me and when we were not going to spend all back to talk about it with us"
Solana wants to campaign to raise public awareness that "living donations can save many people". "Dialysis is not a drama," he says. The former Minister praises proud of the fact that Spain is a model country in organization and human generosity transplants - "No one has the network we have here" - and hopes that the incessant health cuts will not break the success. "I hope that does not happen. Be a shame to diminish the quality we have now. "
What explains this global leadership in transplantation and that, for example, Spain is a European tail development, technology or innovation? The former High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy has no clear answer. "When we want to, we can. The Spanish have no gene that prevents us from doing things right, "he reasons.

"When we want to, we can. The Spanish have no gene that prevents us from doing things right "
Solana confesses: "I have long lost respect for transplantation." It was almost three years ago, when the German Foreign former Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, his friend, temporarily withdrew from politics and decided that he would donate a kidney to his wife. He was then 54 years and was the chairman of the parliamentary group of the SPC and she, 48.The announcement caused a wave of solidarity and transplantation was also a success.
"That I lived very closely. So when it was my turn, he encouraged me a lot and now we are more than friends, "says Solana, who was referring to the Social Democratic rival Angela Merkel in 2009. "Neither of us expected we finished talking about these things," he adds before another confession: "I did not expect to ever leave the cover of the country for this."

 Former Secretary General of NATO, Javier Solana, 70, said he donated a kidney 'a very nice person, "writes the online edition of El Pais said onThursday. intervention took place on December 11, 2012, in Hospital Barcelona. Solana declined to give more details and disclose the identity of any transplant recipient. 

The surgery lasted four hours and all medical examinations which he subsequently did both donor and recipient indicated that the transplant was a success. 

As a sign of gratitude, former Secretary General of NATO decided to tell his experience and participate in the first edition of Transplantation Run, a running race solidarity which will take place on Sunday in Barcelona and who scored 2,200 people patients and donors.Race has permission Catalan Transplantation Society, chaired by Josep Maria Campistrol, nephrologist who has taken his kidney Javier Solana. "It was my duty," said Solana, who, a few months before it reaches the table surgeon has undergone several medical examinations to determine if it is compatible with the recipient. Solana says that, in late summer, two things he was very clear: "The donor had to be me and when it would end well, I had to mention again about it between us." 

Sunday, donor and recipient will run along a distance of five kilometers, near the beaches of Barcelona. "I hope I can finish the race, even if only on foot," said Solana, who explained that he wanted to wear an awareness campaign about Spanish society that "donation (organ, while the donor is alive) can save many people ". 

"Dialysis is not a drama," adds former Spanish dignitaries. 

Solana admits that it is not preoccupied before such issues. The situation changed almost three years ago when former German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, that Solana is very good friend, retired temporarily from politics and decided to donate a kidney to his wife. At that time, Steinmeier was 54 years and was president of Social Democratic Parliamentary Group (SPD) and his wife was 48 years old. The announcement sparked a wave of solidarity, and the transplant was a success. 

"I lived at maximum intensity that period.'s Why, when it was my turn, (Steinmeier) encouraged me terribly and now we are more than friends. Neither of us imagine that we get to talk about these things" Solana told that he made a final confession: "I do not expect to occur in El Pais for it." LINK

"The kidneys, always used in the plural (kelayot), are mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible. In the Pentateuch, the kidneys are cited 11 times in the detailed instructions given for the sacrificial offering of animals at the altar. Whereas those instructions were for purification ceremonies at the Temple, sacrificial offerings were made subsequently in seeking divine intervention for the relief of medical problems. In the books of the Bible that follow the Pentateuch, mostly in Jeremiah and Psalms, the human kidneys are cited figuratively as the site of temperament, emotions, prudence, vigor, and wisdom. In five instances, they are mentioned as the organs examined by God to judge an individual. They are cited either before or after but always in conjunction with the heart as mirrors of the psyche of the person examined. There is also reference to the kidneys as the site of divine punishment for misdemeanors, committed or perceived, particularly in the book of Job, whose suffering and ailments are legendary. In the first vernacular versions of the Bible in English, the translators elected to use the term “reins” instead of kidneys in differentiating the metaphoric uses of human kidneys from that of their mention as anatomic organs of sacrificial animals burned at the altar. This initial effort at linguistic purity or gentility has progressed further in recent versions of the Bible, in which the reins are now replaced by the soul or the mind. The erosion may have begun in the centuries that followed the writing of the Bible, when recognition of the kidneys as excretory organs deprived them of the ancient aura of mysterious organs hidden deep in the body but accessible to the look of God. At approximately the same time, Greek analytical philosophy argued that the brain, which is never mentioned in the Bible, was the most divine and sacred part of the body. This argument gained ground in the past century, when the functions of the brain were elucidated, and ultimately established in the 1960s, when salvaging the kidneys for transplantation necessitated a change in the definition of death as irreversible brain function. It is ironic that advances in understanding kidney function and in nephrology that made kidney transplantation feasible may have contributed, albeit indirectly, to the gradual elimination of the metaphoric mention of human kidneys in the Bible."


Constance Cumbey said...

Bjorn, I read about the kidney donation on a Romanian news site this morning and posted. Thereafter, I discovered your article. Thanks! I don't know what to make of it. So far there is nothing bad I can say about Javier Solana and his motives for the kidney donation. I have to credit this one to him as a 'good deed.'


Anonymous said...

If it served his purposes the Antichrist would donate both kidneys.
With this act Solana takes on his first garment of sainthood. It is a premier act of human sacrifice to donate a part of the body. If Solana is the AC he will appear as an angel never denying anything good but God.