Monday, March 16, 2015

Javier Solana now calls for a negotiated settlement in Greece

...the situation in Europe must be bad enough as we see Mr.Solana now popping up suddenly again from behind his veil back to every podium possible speaking for a United Europe
translated from the Spanish article of Pablo Monge 16.03.2015 Cinco Dias

"Círculo de Bellas Artes yesterday hosted a debate on the situation in Greece. Javier Solana, former High Representative for Foreign Policy Council of the EU, called for a negotiated solution to Athens. "The solution for Greece is to negotiate, but all parties must respect each other. You can not humiliate when negotiating." With these words, Solana said at an event organized by El País and Alternatives Foundation in collaboration with Five Days and Cadena SER, "the importance of the discussions between the Hellenic country and Europe."
The politician stressed that negotiations must be based on growth. The prospect of a euro exit by Greece is unwanted even by most Greeks, recalled the politician. "European authorities have acknowledged that their policies in Greece were based on miscalculations," he said.
Nicolás Sartorius, executive vice president of the Alternatives Foundation, said, "We want Greece to remain in the EU, but solidarity is a two-way street. It must be a mutual solidarity, which should be the EU ". For his part, economist at the University of Alcalá, José Carlos Díez, said "has not been managed well the first program, the projections were Surrealists made (...). The Government of Tsipras goes straight to suicide, unable to comply with the program. "
The spokesman for Syriza in the Greek region of Attica, Corina Vasilopulou, warned that "Spain is no stranger to the Greek experiment, or Portugal or Italy or Ireland." Vasilopulou stressed that the austerity policy led in recent years has depleted a quarter of the population.
While the journalist Maria Antonia Sanchez El País Vallejo said that "if the Greeks have so far undergone five years of cuts, now the approach are reforms". The representative of Economists Against the Crisis, Jorge Fabra, criticized that between 2010 and 2014 "the needs of the Greek state amounted to 15,000 million euros. The rest of the ransom has not gone to the population, but the recapitalization of banks. "
Outstanding payments of Aena
Greece faces this month milestone payments from refinancing of letters and return to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). While April and May will be relatively quiet on this front, in June pressure will resume in July and August Athens must return to the European Central Bank 6,500 million euros for bonds held by the entity.
According to estimates from the center of Brussels studies Bruegel, Greece owes the IMF this month 1,200 million euros in three sections and has to refinance 2.900 billion letters that expire."


Anonymous said...

We have to face the facts that JS is probably NOT the AC however he still does everything that would make for a blockbuster movie should he in fact turn out to be so. He is effectively the most prepared man for this "honor" in both world history and certainly for today.He is outrageusly hidden and unknown to even the vast majority of prophecy fanatics. Amazing that he could be the AC and equally amazing if he is not

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Solana is an earthly warlord freak.... look what e did to Kosovo, 1999....he's evil. this is tony/ vt

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Wonder what he (Solana) will call for next.